Unparalleled Services

Our goal is to help our clients maximize their supply chain investment through expert services and innovative solutions to common problems. Our services stretch across a variety of Supply Chain Software packages, including WMOS, OMS, LMS, TMS, SCI, and YMS

Implement or Upgrade with Confidence

Veridian Solutions can bring you live on a new version of your supply chain software faster and with less risk than anyone else.

Integration that works

Veridian Solutions provides expert integration services using the latest technologies including SOA, MIF, DIF, XML messages, sockets, etc.

Innovative design

We bring concepts of simplicity, intuitiveness, redundancy, robustness, and flexibility into our designs. The results are unmatched.

Technical Expertise

Our resources are trained to utilize all of the tools at their disposal, including Java Logs, C++ Logs, advanced SQL queries and common configuration problems.

Helping You Create a Self-Sufficient Team

Our resources are subject matter experts who have the skills and experience to help make your team self-sufficient. We develop training tools as well as administer training with proven results.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

We help our clients choose the right QA methodology, develop meaningful test cases, execute,troubleshoot, and communicate the results in a way that allows the most expeditious deployment of software possible.